Victory Nutrition Testimonials


Jennifer Meador

I started using Prodovite November 7, 2013. I wasn't sure what to expect - as a Health Coach, I choose to eat very healthy food every day, but I'm still a huge believer in supplementation due to our modern deficient, artificial and processed food supply, which can make healthy eating a big challenge! I'm also very particular as to what I take, and do my best to search out and select only top quality products, because you do get what you pay for.

I used the Prodovite for several days, and then realized that a wisdom tooth issue, which had been bothering me for quite awhile, was no longer hurting me after eating, whereas before, food would be caught between gum and tooth and really irritate until I brushed and flossed, and sometimes pain persisted even then, yet without having done anything else different (other than taking Prodovite), the discomfort and inflammation was no longer present. I knew that a trip to the dentist likely meant having the tooth pulled, and since I prefer to keep all my teeth as long as possible, I had kept putting off that visit! I am glad I did, and that the Prodovite formula made a beneficial change in my mouth which allowed the problem to heal on its own.

Over the next week or so, I also noticed that when I worked out (30 minutes/day of varied exercising); I had more stamina and felt faster recovery. I knew that the Prodovite formula was truly facilitating good things to happen in my mouth, and also throughout my whole body.

Additionally, I shared the Prodovite with my teenage daughter, who was coming down with a nasty cold sickness going around, and she was over that very quickly, no OTC drugs, or doctor visit either (thank goodness!), and I have not gotten it myself, though I have been around her a lot, even in long car rides.

I really credit Prodovite with supporting my immune system and providing incredible
Nutrition I Can to share it with others and be a Beacon of Health and Abundance!

Ed Bender

I was amazed at how great it tastes! Prodovite™ helped me with my energy level and made me feel good. It is amazing how much energy I have on this product. I also have lung issues and now I am breathing better taking Prodovite™. I could not make it through the day without this product.

Alicia Glaser | ER Nurse, Triathelete

I am achieving higher performance in my workouts than I have in 30 years with Prodovite™!

Victor Szczerbinin

95 years young and feeling great on Prodovite! I would to share a testimonial about my mom who is just about to have her 95th Birthday! I first introduced my mother to Prodovite back in Feb 2013, knowing that having taken Prodovite's prototype some years back and had great results, I knew that this was the ticket to regain my mom's health back as she was suffering from arthritis and having bouts with high Blood Pressure and needed keep my families health going for us! I jumped on the opportunity and purchased a large amount of the product. This time around the product has been improved and is super! My mom, in her earlier year's been a seamstress and had made and designed wedding gowns for a living. However, even with following a good nutritional guideline, eating wholesome organic foods with lots of vegetables, adequately hydrating, in over the years my mom had still developed mild to at times severe arthritis to the point that she could no longer enjoy her passion of sewing. After introducing her to Prodovite, supplementing with this Nutraceutical twice daily; in approx., four to five months, my mom stated that she is feeling better, slowly regaining back her health, having regained proper flexion in her hands, her BP was also returning to normal numbers; and inadvertently had began sewing again! Now by word of mouth, church parisheers now ask her for help by asking for a re-fitting of many of those people's clothes! She now occupies her days, busy again sewing, and always has a smile!

Stacy Weisenburger

Prior to taking Prodovite my diabetes was controlling my life. Father's day 2010 I was taken to emergency and hospitalized for 5 days. I left on the fifth day an insulin dependent diabetic. I found by the time my work day was done so was I. I would go home and instead of playing with my 2 boys and enjoying spending time with my wife, I had to lay down. I was exhausted. I spent day after day feeling physically and mentally drained. I had no energy. I was always tired. Diabetes was winning. Spring and summer brought on my seasonal allergies and added to my misery. I felt like a burden to my wife and I was deeply disappointed that I couldn't do things with my young boys. My life changed when Prodovite came. The first thing I noticed after taking Prodovite was that I had more energy, it was like I could feel it in my veins. Now when I come home I spend time with my family and instead of feeling exhausted I feel alive. I have been able to decrease both of my diabetes medications and I am no longer plagued with extreme seasonal allergies. My marriage is renewed because I am better, I no longer feel like a burden to my wife. I feel like I'm the dad I so badly wanted to be. I thank God for restoring me and for leading my wife to Bill & Kim Downs.

Rich Fuess - Red Lion, PA

I am a healthy 68 year old man, looking to stay that way. I was introduced to Prodovite by Mike Graney and Bill Downs, whom I had known prior. After listening to Bill, I knew Victory First was special, but I was skeptical that I would feel the nutrition. I wanted to believe, and if I could feel the benefits, I could totally commit. It took halfway through my second bottle before the feeling struck. It was like a light switch came on, my energy level was heightened and sustained throughout the day, I still work 9 hours a day. My nightly indigestion disappeared, I am sleeping very soundly and restful every night. I am so thankful for Prodovite, nutrition that I can feel, finally a product that delivers and a company, Victory First to believe in.

Congratulations for Steve Kushner and Bill Downs and the company executives for this powerful product and company.

Terilyn Burkhardt, Davenport, Florida

After experiencing a barrage of health issues over the past two years that includes 27 hospitalizations in 24 months. Let me give you a rundown of the health issues I have had to deal with over the past two years.

I was bit by a brown recluse spider on my big toe back in November 2011. Since I am a diabetic, this caused a nasty infection/cellulitis in my right foot and partially up my right leg. I was hospitalized for 9 days in early December having very strong antibiotics pumped through my body. Just to give you an idea of what my body was battling the infection was staph and MRSA. Unfortunately, the antibiotics were not enough to prevent the amputation of the toe due to the infection going to the bone resulting in osteomyelitis. After I was sent home from the amputation I had nurses coming out to my home for about 4 months checking my vitals, looking for signs of infection, monitoring how well the wound was healing as well as changing the dressings.

February 2012 - Hospitalized due to the infection/cellulitis flaring up. Once again more antibiotics being administered through an IV.

March 2012 - I had an appointment with my primary care doctor. For a couple of days prior to the appointment I had been experiencing chest pain. When I went to my appointment with the doctor the nursing staff had taken my vitals. My blood pressure was pretty high and my heart rate was higher than normal. They waited a few minutes and took my vitals again the blood pressure and heart rate was still running high. The doctor wrote a script on her prescription pad with the directions to go directly to the ER from here. So, off to the ER my husband and I went. I ended up being admitted to the hospital for 2 weeks having a couple of blood transfusions and open heart surgery (triple bypass) due to blockages.

April 2012 - I went back into the hospital to have some more surgery on my right foot. The wound vac that was assisting with healing the wound on my foot was not functioning quite right resulting in some leakage and overgrowth of skin and tissue. The antibiotics also didn't quite take care of the osteomyelitis that was in the metatarsal. My orthopedic surgeon ended up removing part of the metatarsal to eradicate the osteomyelitis. After a few days in the hospital, I was sent home with a PICC line so the antibiotics could be administered intravenously. Three days later, I was instructed by my home healthcare nurse to go to the ER because one of the ports on my PICC line wouldn not flush. We went back to the ER and the doctor there ordered some tests including a CAT scan of the chest and a Doppler scan of my right arm. He came into the exam room a little while later and told us that I had a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis - blood clot) in my right arm and a PE (Pulmonary Embolism) in my left lung. This resulted in me spending another 11 days in the hospital with 4 of those days being in the ICU because my blood pressure was dropping too low. During this hospitalization, they needed to do a lot of blood tests on me because they were giving me shots of Heparin that became Lovenox and they had me taking Coumadin so they had to keep a close eye on the clotting time of my blood. The bad part was the veins in my left arm was starting to collapse or blow when they would stick a needle in it and I was presenting a challenge in getting my blood. The right arm was “off limits” for anything to be inserted due to the DVT in it.

June 2012 - Hospitalized with infection/cellulitis in the right foot and a broken toe.

July 2012 - Hospitalized due to chest pain.

August 2012 - Hospitalized due to chest pain. This resulted in having a heart catheterization and having stents put in the LAD.

October 2012 - Hospitalized 3 times for heart issues, elevated heart rate, chest pains, and abnormal blood pressure.

December 2012 - Hospitalized 3 more times for a PE in the right lung and heart issues.

January 2013 - Hospitalized twice for internal bleeding and chest pain.

February 2013 - Hospitalized for chest pain and a heart catheterization. There were some blockages but nothing was done about them.

March 2013 - Hospitalized for chest pain and abnormal heart rate. Apparently, I also had a partially collapsed lung which resulted in going through breathing treatments for a few days while I was in the hospital.

May 2013 - Hospitalized for chest pain and elevated heart rate.

July 2013 - Hospitalized for chest pain and abnormal heart rate.

August 2013 - Hospitalized for chest pain and elevated heart rate. Had a blood transfusion because hemoglobin was too low. Had another heart catheterization and stent put in the Circumflex. Doctor informed me that my blood lab results were a mess and my kidney function was at 36 percent.

September 2013 - started taking Prodovite.

October 2013 - Hospitalized for chest pain and elevated heart rate. Resulted in having another heart catheterization and stent put in the LAD. Doctor told me my lab results were good too good. He thought there was a mistake. So he ran the blood labs a second time again and came back with the same results. My kidneys went from operating at 36% back up to 100%. I am still slightly anemic but not like I was previously. The only difference between the August and October hospitalizations was that I had started taking Prodovite in September 2013. There is medical proof that Prodovite is working for me.

November 2013 - Hospitalized for chest pain and blood pressure too low. The blood labs looked very good.

December 2013 - Hospitalized twice for chest pain and the blood lab work continued to look very good. So good that there is reason to look into stopping several more prescription medications.

I have to say that I was skeptical of a supplement being able to make any kind of significant impact on my body and health. But since I began taking Prodovite in September 2013, I have experienced a big improvement in my health. From the very first ounce that I swallowed I could actually feel it working… and now I no longer feel like I have sludge running through my veins. In just two short months, my energy level has increased and my mental concentration level has improved. As a result of the multiple blood lab results showing consistent improvement, my doctor has removed some of the medications that I had been prescribed. The bottom line is Prodovite has definitely improved my health since I started taking it in September 2013, and I have the medical proof to back up everything I've said.