The most expensive nutrient is the one that doesn't work. Absorption isn't the all important factor when considering a supplement. What is being absorbed is also extremely important! Quality ingredients must be used to deliver the best benefits. No matter how little you pay for the supplement, if it doesn't work, the price is way too high! The major benefits attributed to liquid supplements are ease of consumption and the perception of improved absorption. Capsules are also perceived to have time-release advantages. Taking liquids and capsules to overcome the inability to break down tablets does not guarantee improved absorption. If you can't disintegrate and dissolve a tablet, chances are you won't be able to absorb and utilize a lot of the nutrients in a liquid or a capsule either. Even the best quality foods and supplements provide minimal benefits if their nutritional bounty can't get into the body. According to the Center for Disease Control, digestive problems are the number 1 cause of emergency room visits. There is a huge segment of the population that has digestive problems. The epidemic level of digestive problems demonstrates why so many people are nutrient deficient, even though we take supplements...and why we need an urgent solution. We've developed a superior delivery system and it's called [Intellisome Technology]!
The simple answer is a resounding 'YES'. But, without getting into a debate over what a “healthy diet” is or could be in our 'agribusiness' dependent culture, the answer is supported in the scientific literature. Scientific research on this issue resulted in the publication of two papers in JAMA back in 2002, both of which suggested that all Americans take a multiple vitamin (Fletcher RH, Fairfield KM. Vitamins for Chronic Disease Prevention in Adults: Clinical Applications. JAMA. 287 (23) 3127-3129 (2002) [second paper was in the same issue of JAMA]. Therefore, ALL Americans SHOULD BE TAKING at least a multiple vitamin…and that multi should be Prodovite!
This is a well-intentioned question, but is not really feasible to assess. There are too many multiple nutrient products on the market to undertake a comparative analysis. Any comparison would be an 'apples to oranges' comparison since the Prodovite technology represents a breakthrough in nutritional supplementation…no other technology compares. The comparison is not just about the nutrient content. It is about how the ingredients are prepared, processed, encapsulated in phospholipids, and delivered to the body that is strikingly different. Moreover, we engage in scientific research to validate the beneficial effects of our supplements. Most other companies don't. The best of them rely on the information supplied by the ingredient suppliers IF they use any evidence-based ingredients to begin with. Most of the others use 'borrowed' science…which in most cases is actually 'stolen'. That is, they use the scientific evidence from research on another company's premium quality version to support sales of their cheaper copy-cat version. Or, they don't say anything and hope the consumer stays ignorant and just buys the cheapest product because “it doesn't really matter since they're all the same anyway”...NOT! While we use scientifically validated, evidence-based and branded ingredients, SMB commissions research on OUR finished products to validate their beneficial effects. There is no need for speculation or theoretical conjecture. Other companies need to do the same type of scientific validation if they want to have this information.
Based solely on the quality and diversity of ingredients, whole food supplements can be very beneficial as they are definitely superior to most conventional non-whole food supplements, that is, just USP vitamin and mineral products. Importantly, Prodovite is a multivitamin, mineral, and botanical formulation, containing very beneficial botanical extracts (i.e. herbs and phytonutrients). If the nutritional ingredients in Prodovite were in the same form as those nutrients in all of the other standard non-whole food-based multis, then it would NEVER be able to dramatically change the properties of the blood in only a few minutes, which it does. Moreover, and most importantly, you would NOT want to deliver whole food ingredients so rapidly into the blood. That could have disastrous results, 'freaking out the immune system' from the presence of undigested whole food components in the blood. Keep in mind, the number one cause of emergency room visits in this country is digestive problems. So, relying on food and whole supplements that require digestive processing (disintegration & dissolution) is not the best way to guarantee that the supplement ingredients get into the tissues where they are desperately needed…no matter how great the ingredients are or what the source is. The Intellisome encapsulated ingredients in Prodovite promote rapid absorption and utilization. In addition, minerals are not made in a laboratory. They are sourced from the earth or sea. They are then put into a simulated digestive environment with proteins, amino acids, or other organic acids and allowed to react with and bind to the organic acids, forming a 'chelated mineral', bonding in a similar fashion as exists in food. Prodovite essentially achieves the end result of absorption and bioavailability intended by the digestive process in only a few minutes. With the epidemic of digestive maladies, delivering the nutritional payload directly to the blood in a 'body friendly' form in such a short time is an extraordinary achievement.
A liquid delivery alone is not adequate to produce such a high rate of absorption. If you can't disintegrate a tablet within 30 minutes, chances are very high that you won't be able to properly digest the ingredients in a liquid either. In addition, the contents of the liquid are crucial determinants of how well they will be 'digested.' Prodovite is NOT 'just' a liquid supplement. It is unique and superior owing to its premium quality ingredients, proprietary production process, and the SK713 SLP Intellisome encapsulation technology.

In general, it is mostly true. But, it is flawed for a number of reasons; the first being the definition of “healthy balanced diet.” We cannot delve into this particular aspect in any great depth here. But, suffice it to say that the questionable quality of foods in our markets is a serious concern, especially those produced by standard agribusiness factory farms and food processing technologies.

On a more relevant point, as mentioned in another answer, there are 3 main reasons people are unhealthy:

  1. Poor lifestyle choices: This includes taking in not enough of the good stuff that keeps us healthy (i.e. nutritional deficiencies, etc.); and getting too much of the bad stuff that makes us unhealthy (i.e. toxic chemical & environmental pollutants, EMFs, etc.).

  2. (Dis)Stress: Excessive stressful burdens contribute to “too much of the bad” in #1 immediately above.

  3. Genetic predispositions: Genetic predispositions are a major contributor to Reward Deficiency Syndrome behaviors (more on this later). We can't change our genes, but we can change ('make a corrective adjustment' ala 'Optimize') our Gene Expression.

Over 30% of the US population carries a genetic predisposition that increases the susceptibility to greater consequences from stress and risk of excessive obsessive, compulsive, impulsive, and addictive behaviors. This particular genetic predisposition is the dopamine D2 receptor gene, Taq I A1 variant (called an 'allele' or polymorphism); generally it is referred to simply as the 'DRD2 A1 gene'. This is the “reward gene” (also called “the addiction gene”) that was discovered by Kenneth Blum, Ph.D. and Ernest Noble, Ph.D. and reported in JAMA in 1990. By the way, the rate of obesity is just over 30% of Americans (not a coincidence that it is the same as the rate of obesity). People who carry this gene have 30% to 40% less dopamine D2 receptors. This causes dopamine resistance and an increased need for a pleasure satisfying 'dopamine fix', because dopamine is your happy, feel good, anti-stress, and will-power neurotransmitter (among others). People that carry this gene routinely have “Reward Deficiency Syndrome” because it takes much more dopamine stimulating thoughts, behaviors, and substances (like sugar, drugs, food, etc.) to produce enough dopamine just to feel good (or normal).

In these cases, even eating the so-called healthy diet most often doesn't provide enough nutritional support to answer the need for more dopamine satisfaction. BRAIN REWARD is apatented KB220Z Nutraceutical Neuroadaptogen (US Patents 6,132,724, 6,955,873, and EU Patent EPO979092) and provides the only known evidence-based natural and effective dopamine agonist, supported by 27 studies (to date) that nutritionally supports optimal dopamine sensitivity and function*. BRAIN REWARD balances the neurochemistry in the brain reward cascade, culminating with dopamine*.

BRAIN REWARD contains some special forms and specific amounts of amino acids that are very important in the manufacturing of neurotransmitters in the brain reward cascade (BRC). If the supplements you are taking, or the food you are eating contain proteins or amino acids, then you will increase the possibility that these proteins or amino acids would compete for absorption and function and interfere with or prevent the absorption and/or work in opposition of each other once inside the cells. It is called 'competitive inhibition'. In effect, you could significantly diminish the benefits of either by taking them together, which would be a waste of money.

Various types of nutrients that go through the digestive process have different absorption sites and rates. Some nutrients are absorbed pretty fast and some take much longer. Moreover, digestive health and absorption rates vary between people. However, the number one reason for emergency room visits in the US is digestive problems…it is an epidemic. So, the Molecular Self Assembly (MSA) liposome encapsulated nano technology is designed to bypass the need for digestive disintegration and dissolution of nutrient components and gain rapid access to the blood stream and targeted tissues. All of the cells in the GI tract are phospholipid loving. The liposome capsule is a phospholipid that is effortlessly absorbed with its ingredient payload. The reports from the field indicate extremely rapid biological activity.

Moreover, a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in 2007, reported on a comparison of identical formulations of CoQ10 & Vitamin E, one in a conventional sofgel capsule and the other a liposomal preparation (LP). The CoQ10 from the LP increased bioavailability by 5-fold over the non-LP CoQ10, and bioavailability of the LP of vitamin E was enhanced 10-fold over the standard non-LP form [Wajda R, Zirkel J, and Schaffer T. Increase of Bioavailability of Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E. J Med Food; 10 (4): 731–734 (2007)].

No! One of the roles of phenylalanine is as a building block for Dopamine. Dopamine is an anti-stress and reward neurotransmitter. This is why deficits in dopamine tend to lead to "excessive reward seeking behaviors" like for over indulging in food, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, etc Sufficient dopamine causes a feeling of satisfaction, contentment, and even happiness, not stimulation per se. There are over 40 years of research by world renowned neuro-psychopharmacologists, like Dr. Kenneth Blum,the father of psychiatric genetics, supporting the crucial roles of all the ingredients in BRAIN REWARD.

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