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Victory Nutrition International Career Path

The Victory Nutrition International (VNI) Career Path is designed to allow individuals to work in a business with other people to make their dreams come true. Our Mission Statement shares we are about improving the quality of life and celebrate a world with hope and health for all mankind. Our Victory Nutrition products and opportunity are designed to assist you in becoming a beacon of health and abundance for a lifetime. We believe our Career Path exemplifies the opportunity to achieve abundance that you may only have dreamed of. A representative can work at their own pace and also build an organization that will help them create a business for short term growth as well as long term growth and stability. With Victory Nutrition you work for yourself yet not by yourself.
Victory Nutrition is a combination of generous uni-level commissions, an Elite Bonus Pool and specially designed bonus’s and awards. This means you can start earning income right away with our Fast Start Bonus then begin earning up to 10% on your first level alone. The combination of our amazing products and generous compensation plan allows you to keep customers and downline representatives longer.
Your potential is limited only by your willingness to help and support people. When you make their dreams come true, your dreams come true.

The Victory Nutrition Career Path Overview
Active Status

  • A Representative’s active status is based on Personal Volume requirements. Personal Volume is what a Representative, or higher, purchases monthly. Monthly eligibility to earn commissions and rank advancement requires 130 PV.
  • PV is Personal Volume which combines volume from the Representatives personal purchases as well as purchases from their Preferred Customers and their Customers.
  • A distributor is called a Representative


  • A Representative must select a day between the 1st and 25th of the month to have their autoship sent out.
  • To be qualified as a Representative, he/she must have an autoship of a minimum of 130 PV. This autoship requirement is applicable to Executive Manager and above.
  • PV is always equal to the selling price and is not to be confused with Business Volume.
  • A Preferred Customer must have an autoship and it can be of any amount.

Business Volume (BV):

  • This is the commission amount designated for each product. Commissions are calculated on the BV of each product purchased by the representative and their downline organization


Calendar Month:

  • From the first day to the last day of any given calendar month

Calendar Week:

  • From Sunday 12:00am EST to the following Saturday 11:59PM EST


  • When a Representative has received commissions then a downline Representative returns product, the company will collect all upline commissions originally paid on the returned product.


  • Moneys earned by a Representative on sales made by Representatives within their downline organization. Eligibility requirements must be met by achieving monthly PV and GV requirements as set forth in the Compensation Plan. Your ranking will determine the number of levels you will be eligible to earn commissions on in the Uni-Level Plan.


  • All Representatives starting from and below any particular Representative, or higher, regardless of levels of depth.

Elite Bonus Pool:

  • The Elite Bonus Pool is comprised of 1% of Victory Nutrition’s monthly United States/Canada (CV). commissionable volume. The maximum amount of one share in the Elite Bonus Pool is $50,000 per month.
  • Representatives who reach the rank of Presidential Director and maintain that rank for three (3) consecutive months are eligible for 1 (one) share monthly in the Elite Bonus Pool as long as they are active and qualified. If the Presidential Director fails to qualify at the Presidential Director level, they must re-qualify for Presidential Director for three consecutive months to regain their share.
  • Also allowed to have one (1) share in the Elite Bonus Pool are all the Qualified Founders. If a Founder falls out of qualification as a Manager, they must re-qualify as a Manager to regain their share in the Elite Bonus Pool.

Founder: (Currently the Founder position is not available in Canada)

  • When a Representative places their first order in the amount of $1495.00, or more, they become a qualified Manager with all Manager privileges.
  • The Founder is entitled to one (1) share of the Elite Bonus Pool. Beginning their third month in the Victory Nutrition business to qualify for their one share in the Elite Bonus Pool they must meet the qualifications of the Manager.
  • The Founder is entitled to one “grace” month after they initially qualify as a Manager. The “grace” month will be their second month in their Victory Nutrition business.
  • The Manager “grace” month allows the Manager to continue to operate their business with all commission and bonus privileges even if they do not make their Group Volume requirements that month. They must make their PV requirement of $130.

Group Volume:

  • Group Volume reflects all monthly volume (including your PV) from your downline organization. You earn ranks based on your Group Volume (GV)


  • A leg is the downline of any personally sponsored Representative or higher. (There may be multiple legs sponsored by an individual Representative or higher). To count a qualified leg there must be a required rank within the number of levels on which you are earning commissions.

Personal Volume:

  • Personal Volume is the wholesale personal purchases of a Representative, or higher, combined with the purchases of any Preferred Customers and Customers during a calendar month.

Placement Figure:

  • The Placement Feature can be implemented with the first 30 days a new Representative signs their Victory Nutrition application. Their sponsor may move them, their organization and organizational volume anywhere within his/her organization. The sponsor will always remain their original sponsor yet their new upline will receive all future sponsor commissions beginning the month of placement. (However the Fast Start Bonus will go to the original Sponsor if achieved after their placement) The newly sponsored Representative must be moved within their first 30 days (after receipt of their application) or they will remain with the original sponsor permanently.

Preferred Customer:

  • A non Representative can enroll in the Preferred Customer Program. Enrollment is free of charge.
  • The Preferred Customer must be on autoship (of any amount).
  • Preferred Customers pay retail cost minus 10% for the products.


Brain Reward$75/btl$100/btl$37.50/btl


  • Representatives who qualify for promotion, anytime during the calendar month in which they satisfy the requirements of a new rank, will earn the obtained level of commission retroactive to the beginning of that calendar in which they reach that rank month.


  • A Representative who does not have a minimum 130 PV in a calendar month is inactive and will not be paid bonuses or commissions for that month.


  • A Representative’s rank/title is defined by the PV, GV and structure requirements as set forth in the Compensation Plan.

Replicating Site:

  • A Representative may have a company sponsored replicating website free of charge.


  • Any Representative who has enrolled another Representative in the Victory Nutrition Program.


  • The single line of sponsors above a representative and the company.


  • The price the company charges qualified Representatives for products. All PV and GV are figured using wholesale prices for qualification purposes and BV is used for commissionable purposes.


The Uni-Level Plan

  • Uni-Level commissions are paid on a monthly basis and dynamic compression is applied.
  • There are 8 levels of Uni-Level commissions
  • Rank Advancement
    • A Representative much achieve the following when qualifying for a new rank
      • When they have achieved those rank requirements by the end of the last calendar day of the Calendar month.
      • Have a Personal Volume (PV) of 130 by the end of the calendar month.
      • Meet the Group Volume (GV) requirements of that specific rank by the end of the month.
      • Meet the qualified number of qualified legs for each rank. (A manager leg means there must be a Manager, or higher, somewhere in that leg.
      • Have a minimum of required personally sponsored representatives
    • For purposes of commissions, the rank achieved by the end of the month is the rank they will be paid for the entire month.
    • Once a representative has achieved a rank, they will always hold that title until they achieve a higher rank. However their commissions will reflect what they have achieved (GV) on any given month, regardless of their last title.
    • Group Volume (GV) includes your Personal Volume (PV)


  • Ranks
TitlePersonally SponsoredAutoshipPVGV-Group Volume
Exec. Manager3YES1304,525
Exec. Director4YES13030,000
Presidential Dir.5YES13075,000


  • Representative must have monthly:
    • $130 PV
    • $375 GV
    • One personally sponsored Representative, or higher, gives them one level of possible commissions
    • Two personally sponsored Representatives, or higher, gives them two levels of possible commissions
    • Three personally sponsored Representatives, or higher, gives them three levels of possible commissions


  • Manager must have monthly:
    • $130 PV
    • $1125 GV
    • Personally sponsor a minimum of three qualified representatives or higher.
  • Executive Manager must have monthly:
    • $130PV
    • $4, 525 GV
    • An autoship of 130PV
    • Personally sponsor a minimum of three qualified Representatives or higher.



  • Director must have monthly:
    • $130 PV
    • $13,575 GV
    • An autoship of 130 PV
    • Personally sponsor a minimum of four representatives or higher.
    • Have two (2) legs where each leg contains a minimum of one qualified Manager, or higher.


  • Executive Director must have monthly:
    • $130 PV
    • $30, 000 GV
    • An autoship of 130 PV
    • Personally sponsor a minimum of four representatives or higher.
    • One leg that contains a qualified Executive Manager, or higher.
    • Two legs where each leg contains a minimum of one qualified Manager, or higher.


  • Presidential Director must have monthly:
    • $130 PV
    • $75, 000 GV
    • Must be on autoship of 130 PV
    • A minimum of five personally sponsored Representatives or higher.
    • Two legs where each leg contains a minimum of one qualified Director, or higher.
    • One leg that contains a qualified Manager, or higher
    • Two legs where each leg contains a minimum of one qualified Representative, or higher.


  • Ambassador must have monthly:
    • Must have $130 PV
    • Must have $200,100 GV
    • Must be on autoship of 130 PV
    • Personally sponsor a minimum of five Representatives, or higher and
    • One leg that contains a minimum of one qualified Executive Director, or higher and
    • Three legs where each leg contains a minimum of one qualified Director, or higher and
    • One leg that contains a minimum of one Executive Manager, or higher.


Uni-Level Payout
The uni-level payout goes down a maximum of eight levels when you qualify for those ranks. The Representatives income is determined by your rank. Level 1 (LV 1) would be all the representatives you have sponsored on your first level and includes any Representatives placed on your first level as well. You begin by earning a full 10% on every order placed by your first level.

RepManagerExecutive ManagerDirectorExecutive DirectorPresidential DirectorAmbassador
LV 110%10%10%10%10%10%10%
LV 210%**10%10%10%10%10%10%
LV 35%**5%5%5%10%10%10%
LV 45%5%5%5%5%5%
LV 53%3%3%3%3%
LV 62%2%2%2%
LV 72%2%2%
LV 81%2%

** Representatives are paid 10% on their second level when they sponsor two (2) people.
** Representatives are paid 5% on their third level when they sponsor three (3) people


Bonus and Awards

  • Achievement Award:
    • For purposes of commissions, the rank achieved by the end of the calendar month is the rank the Representative will be paid FOR THAT ENTIRE MONTH. For instance, if the Representative entered the month as Manager and by the end of the month they met the qualifications to be Executive Manager, they will earn commissions for the entire month as an Executive Manager
  • Match Award
    • Victory Nutrition will match the commission check the month after the Representative has reached the following ranks for the first time.
      • Manager, Executive Manager and Director


  • Fast Start Bonus
    • The Fast Start Bonus is a 25% bonus paid to the Sponsor when their newly sponsored Representative, or higher, places a minimum order of $130 (or more). This order can be placed anytime. No Uni-level commission will be Paid on the $130.00 (or more) order yet the amount will count as GV for the original sponsor. This bonus is paid weekly.
  • Elite Bonus Pool

The Elite Bonus Pool is comprised of 1% of the U.S. monthly commissionable value for Victory Nutrition. No one share will earn more than $50,000 (US) per month. The pool is formulated and paid out on a pro-rata basis to leaders who meet the following qualifications:

      • Presidential Director
        • Once a Representative has qualified for Presidential Director, or higher, and has maintained that position for three consecutive months they then earn one (1) share in the Elite Bonus Pool. If they fall out of qualification they must start the three months of qualification over to regain their share


      • Founders
        • Founders will receive one (1) share in the Elite Bonus Pool. See Founders qualifications for the Elite Bonus Pool under Founders description.
  • Rank Maintenance Bonus
    • Representatives will receive a one-time bonus for maintaining the following ranks for a minimum of three consecutive months.
      • Manager $250.00
      • Executive Manager $500.00
      • Director $ 750.00
      • Executive Director $1000.00


  • Victory Bonus
    • Victory Nutrition will pay you 10% of the commission bonus checks on each of your personally sponsored Representatives every month you maintain minimum PV of 225