We Promise:
•To serve the needs of our Independent Representatives
•Not to make exaggerated or empty promises about the quality of our products and their benefits.
•To support our genuinely unique, superior, and TRULY effective products with valid original scientific research wherever possible.
•To be honest and trustworthy.
•To provide a strong family culture for your business.
•To provide a compensation plan that pays 100% of the stated value.
•To always endeavor to do what we say we will do.
•Our mission is to improve the quality of life and celebrate a world with hope and health for all mankind. Our Victory Nutrition products and career path are designed to assist you in becoming a beacon of health and abundance for a lifetime. Welcome to Victory Nutrition International, Inc.; and a business structure designed to provide the greatest opportunity for your success.
Victory Nutrition International sees a world of people reducing their personal reliance on the health care system with our life changing products. What that means for every individual who uses our proprietary, innovative products is the understanding that it starts with you, then your family, your friends and the global community. By joining Victory Nutrition you have declared a victory that puts you at the forefront of our powerful technology. Our vision is to see you make your personal transformation into improved health and abundance with the least amount of stress and in the least amount of time. We know that when you are at your healthiest you become a light into the world and your world becomes a more abundant place to be.

We believe because we now know better!

"Victory Nutrition is a collection of like minded people with similiar visions by becoming Beacons of Health and Abundance who create something much greater than any of them could create individually and who become more than the sum of the parts. That produces Explosion, Innovation and Growth"

In becoming Beacons of Health and Abundance, the combination of creative energies and the need to perform at the highest level to keep up with peers leads to an otherwise unattainable commitment to excellence. It is the Alchemy of Energy.





Team vs. Personal ?


Individuals score points, but teams win games.
- Zig Ziglar


Fourteen Impact Factors of Self-Directed Work Teams:

1. Self-Interest
2. Belief in the team's vision
3. Presence of leadership
4. Common values
5. Support and cooperation
6. Duty and responsibility
7. Challenge and opportunity
8. Shared goals
9. New member integration
10. Non-judgemental attitude
11. Motivational atmosphere
12. Global perspective
13. Authenticity
14. Recognition


Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
- Henry Ford

SYMBIOSIS: Beneficial relationships can develop between very dissimilar things. Example: Lichen (pronounced "liken") is actually a symbiotic community made up of fungus and algae which, in many environments, could not exist by themselves, but together are able to flourish. Very often, the blending of different (sometimes even opposing) ideas can result in very creative solutions. There is strength in diversity.

We create teams at VNI, these teams work together define success and accomplishment.