Ingredients That Make Prodovite So Unique?

Absorption is NOT the only important factor when considering a supplement. 'Absorption' is a loosely and widely used 'buzz word' that is difficult to prove, which is why it is so easily and widely used, and therefore almost meaningless.

Moreover, we could make cardboard more absorbable, but that wouldn't make it provide valuable health benefits to the body. The most important first step to making a great 'Multinutrient' product is selecting the best ingredients. The second step is then ensuring maximum absorption and utilization. Premium quality ingredients that get absorbed and utilized result in superior product benefits and the best value to health. So, ingredient selection is still the most important first step towards making a great product.

Prodovite is a proprietary VMP35 Multinutrient complex made with premium quality Vitamins, Minerals, and Proprietary Phytonutrients encapsulated in our proprietary SK713 SLP Intellisome™† technology.

The forms of the nutrients and how they are delivered into the tissues (achieving maximum 'absorption') are crucial to achieving beneficial effects. The Intellisome technology encapsulates the ingredients in many layers of 'body friendly vehicles' (known as 'capsules', 'envelopes', or 'spheres') to transport nutrients across the membranes of the GI tract (mouth to intestines) and into the blood where they are then transported to target tissues in the body.†* In addition to the USP vitamins, Prodovite contains valuable minerals. Macro minerals (minerals needed by the body in larger quantities) are chelated (or 'bonded') to other 'body friendly' carrier molecules (i.e. 'citrate' or 'lactate'…called 'ligands') that are more easily metabolized and used by the body.†* Both Macro- and Micro-minerals (minerals needed at much lower levels) are encapsulated in the Intellisome spheres, which rapidly delivers them through the digestive membranes into the blood stream for consistent dispersal into the body. Minerals in standard supplements rarely achieve (if at all) such rapid access into to the blood.

Prodovite contains Phytosil™**, a proprietary AFG110 Phytonutrient blend of herbal and other botanical extracts to enhance health and wellness.†* The botanical extracts in the Phytosil AFG110 Blend are a 1:1 potency strength.

That means we use 1 part herb to just 1 part water for the extraction process. This is an almost non-existent practice in the industry and gives us an incredibly powerful product. This extract ratio is an important contributor to beneficial effects of Prodovite, adding another feature that contributes to making Prodovite a unique supplement without equal.

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