Ingredients That Make Prodovite So Unique?

Absorption is NOT the only important factor when considering a supplement. 'Absorption' is a loosely and widely used 'buzz word' that is difficult to prove, which is why it is so easily and widely used, and therefore almost meaningless.

The Dopamine Fix

People with reward deficiencies experience an imbalance in their brain reward chemistry that impairs the function of one or more of the multiple steps in the brain reward cascade (starting with serotonin and going down to dopamine) that can lead to dopamine deficits, dopamine resistance, loss of pleasure, increased stress, and reduced focus, concentration, cognition, and even unhappiness.

VNI Founder's Program

Have you been disappointed by a near endless stream of empty promises about product benefits made by dietary supplement companies? You need to know that it is absolutely possible to experience incredible benefits from supplements that are genuinely unique, superior, validated AND truly effective.